Theodor Schwenk (1910 – 1986)

Theodor Schwenk was an anthroposophist, an engineer and a pioneering water researcher. He founded the Institute for Flow. Science. His book Sensitive Chaos has been cited by Ralph Abraham, the California mathematician and Chaos theorist, as an influence on his thinking.

Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925)

Rudolf Steiner (Murakirály, 1861. február 27. – Dornach, 1925. március 30.), osztrák filozófus, író, dramaturg, tanár, az antropozófia megalkotója, emellett a művészet területén is intenzív tevékenységet fejtett ki, nagy számú festmény, szobor, építészeti munka, terv és vázlat maradt fenn tőle. [...]

Paul Schatz (1898-1979)

Paul Schatz was a German-born sculptor, inventor and mathematician who patented the oloid, discovered the inversions of the platonic solids including the "invertible cube" which is often sold as an eponymous puzzle, the Schatz cube. From 1927 to his death he lived in Switzerland. [...]

Olive Mary Witcher

Olive Mary Whicher joined George Adams in London in 1935, and worked with him in research in mathematics and physics. She has published a number of books, including a few in collaboration with Adams. She has taught at Emerson College and traveled widely as a lecturer in Europe and the United States. She died January 2006. [...]

Nick Thomas (1941 – )

Nick Thomas was born in 1941, educated as an electrical engineer, and became an engineering officer in the RAF for 16 years. He met the work of Rudolf Steiner at the age of 18 and has been inspired by it ever since.

Louis Locher-Ernst (1906-1962)

Louis Locher nace en Berna, Suiza el 7 de mayo de 1906. A los 10 anos su familia se traslada a Zurich. En un momento de sus estudios los interrumpe y se decide por estudiar filosofía y epistemología por su cuenta.

Lawrence Edwards (1912 -2003)

Lawrence Edwards studied the work of Rudolf Steiner and as a result he became a Class Teacher as well as an upper school mathematics teacher at the Edinburgh Rudolf Steiner School until he retired.

Helmut Warm (1956 – )

Helmut Warm, born 1956, is a civil engineer and independent researcher in astronomy, geometry, the history of harmonics, and musical aesthetics. He has taught, lectured, and published widely on these and other subjects and, in particular, on his discoveries relating to the solar system and its inherent order. He lives in Hamburg, Germany. [...]

George Adams (1894 – 1963)

George Adams von Kaufmann was born in 1894 and lived until 1963. He read chemistry at Cambridge and came into contact with Steiner's work while a student.

Frank Chester

Frank is an artist, sculptor and geometrician who lives in San Francisco. He has taught art for more than thirty years in high schools and colleges. Since encountering the work of Rudolf Steiner, Frank has been exploring the relation between form and spirit.

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