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Theodor Schwenk, Wolfram Schwenk – WATER The Element of Life

It is the living movement of water that makes life on Earth possible. Based on spiritual science and on their own numerous experiments, Theodor and Wolfram Schwenk show that our Earth is a living organism, with water as a sensory organ that perceives vital cosmic influences and transmits them into earthly life. This pioneering classic on water is more relevant now than ever before. [...]

Theodor Schwenk – SENSITIVE CHAOS

The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air
Preface by Jacques Cousteau

"So movingly and well told is his tale that you will not want to put the book down until the end." - James Lovelock

Paul-Eugen Schiller – THE SCHILLER FILE

Supplements to the Collected Edition of Rudolf Steiner - Scientific Research Suggested by Rudolf Steiner
Anthroposophy has manifold roots in natural science. Rudolf Steiner never tired of saying that the development of scientific awareness had given people the possibility of freedom,

Louis Locher-Ernst – Space and Counterspace

An Introduction to Modern GeometryThis classic examination of Projective Geometry will be a great aid to Waldorf teachers and others seeking to penetrate the thinking behind this important topic. [...]

Lawrence Edwards – The Vortex of Life: Nature’s Patterns in Space and Time

An extraordinary book. His work will form one of the bases of our new holistic science.' -- David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network Review, Summer 2006
When "The Vortex of Life" was first published in 1993, Lawrence Edwards' pioneering work on bud shapes had already attracted the attention of many scientists around the world.

Lawrence Edwards – Projective Geometry

Edwards has researched projective geometry for more than 40 years. He is clearly an authority. - Child and Man

Contains many geometrical illustrations throughout and can be approached by anyone willing to think and draw, without previous geometrical knowledge. The reason why modern materialists are unable to understand anything of a spiritual nature is that their ways of thinking, based purely upon sense perception, are much too rigid. Books such as this can help loosen such rigidity. - New View, December 2003

Helmut Warm – Signature of the Celestial Spheres

Discovering Order in the Solar System - Is the solar system ordered? Or is it simply the result of random and chaotic accidents? This book takes the reader on a compelling and powerful journey of discovery, revealing the celestial spheres in their astonishingly complex patterns.

Energizing water – Flowform Technology and the Power of Nature

Jochen Schwuchow, John Wilkes, Iain Trousdell

The poor quality of water, as well as its restricted supply and availability, is one of the biggest challenges of our time, with presently two-fifth's of the world's population unable to find adequate fresh water for essential usage.

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